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Chen Style Taijiquan - 陳家太極拳

Taijiquan or Tai Chi, is well known all around the world. Many people are attracted to its beautiful relaxed, graceful movements and it’s many benefits to one’s health. It is quite true, Taijiquan is very good for you, but it is not purely a health exercise, it is actually a very powerful martial art. It was created over 400 years ago, during the Ming Dynasty, by a named Chen Wang Ting.  Chen Wang Ting was an officer in the Ming Army, after the fall of the Ming Dynasty, he retired to his home village of Chenjiagou, in Henan Province. Here he combined this family’s martial arts skill with other techniques from famous martial artists and also Daoist principles to create a new skill and this was what we today call Taijiquan. The original form of Taijiquan is Chen Style Taijiquan. This has been passed down from the Chen Family for many generations and each generation has nurtured high level masters who have developed and the skill even further. There five recognised styles of Taijiquan Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu and Sun. Chen style is the original form which all the others have developed and as such it retains a more martial aspect than the others. Leaning Taijiquan is an amazing experience. The feeling the movements create is quite unique, making you feel calm, peaceful, warm yet strong and clear minded. It is easy to become addicted to practising it.

Standing like a mountain
 - flowing like a river

Taijiquan is very good for your health. We use relaxation and special movements to create spirals in the body. Together, these allow the body to flow internally and this helps to develop the Qi (Vital Energy). When the body is clear of blockages and the Qi is strong and flowing then the body will be healthy. The special movements also help to strengthen the body, but they do not only work on the muscles they also make the joint and bones stronger.  When the body is healthy and strong, we can then develop of martial arts skill. Health comes first then comes fitness, strength and martial arts.

Forms & Mediation

Chen Style Taijiquan consists of two methods Laojia – Old Frame and Xinjia – New Frame. The Laojia is the oldest method. Each method has two long forms a first form Yilu and the second form Erlu. Erlu is often referred to can Pao Chui – Cannon Fist. Yilu is Yin, so its movements are gentler and slower. Erlu is Yang and so is faster, stronger and more vigorous. Together they make a perfect balance of  Yin and Yang.  Both Laojia and Xinjai follow the same principles and their movements teach us Chaan Si Jin – Silk Reeling Energy. To balance all the movement there is also Zhan Zhaung – Standing Pole Mediation.

Pushing Hands

This is an exercise practised with a partner. Here we use sensitivity to learn how to apply the principles and applications of the forms. We begin with Single Hand Tui Shou and then move onto stationary Double Hand Tui Shou and then onto various walking Tui Shou and finally onto a method where there are no rules and restrictions in movements or application.


With its strong martial arts aspect, Chen Style Taijiquan contains many weapons forms, sword, broadsword, spear, pole, Da Dao (Guan Dao or big Knife), Double swords, Double Broadsword ad more. All of these help to deepen our understanding of the principles of Taijiquan and make us healthier, fitter and stronger. They are also great fun!







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    9.50 - 10.50am*
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* Class also live streamed



Live Streamed


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The current head of the Chen Family and leader of the Chen Style Taijiquan is Sijo (Great Grandmaster) Chen Xiao Wang. His skill has made him famous not only in China, but also throughout the world. Not only is his skill outstanding, but his calm and friendly nature make him a true example for any martial artist to follow. Grandmaster Tse has been studying with Sijo Chen Xiao Wang for many years. When Grandmaster Tse first met him, he was immediately impressed with his high level skill and also from his Qigong background, could tell Sijo Chen was very healthy and his internal Qi was very strong. From then on Grandmaster Tse has studied with Sijo Chen and they have a very strong relationship. Grandmaster Tse has been teaching Chen Style Taijiquan openly in the West since the late 80’s. Back then Chen Style was not widely known and even it was hard to find a teacher. Grandmaster Tse skill and also his ability to teach and make complex concepts simpler to digest has made him one of the foremost teachers in the West. Master Moy has been studying with Grandmaster Tse for over 30 years and is his most senior student. He also has studied with his grand teacher Sijo Chen Xiao Wang.


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